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  • Previous Seasons: February 2012

    Leading sustainable fashion platform Ecoluxe London and the Rainforest Foundation UK announced a collaboration for the February 2012 edition of the Ecoluxe showroom which was held on 19-20 February at the Kingsway Hotel in London.

    Held biannually during London Fashion Week, the Ecoluxe London showroom features the work of UK fashion brands and UK based manufacturers who create luxury fashion through sustainable practices.

    "This season we're helping turn the fashion world's eyes to the endangered 1.8 million square kilometre Congo Basin rainforest," says co-founder of Ecoluxe London, Stamo, and adds "This is the second largest rainforest in the world yet it gets little attention."

    Petra Fleisher, Head of Fundraising from the Rainforest Foundation UK said, "The Congo Basin is home to millions of people dependent on the forests to provide shelter, food, water and medicine, as well as being home to thousands of rare and endangered species, some of which are found nowhere else on earth. We hope that some of the light that will be shining on the exceptional ethical design talent on show at February's Ecoluxe Showroom event can also bring attention to the Congo Basin rainforest's indigenous communities and their ancestral homes which are currently under threat from destruction."

    In its fourth season the Ecoluxe London showroom was open only to press and buyers. The two-day exhibition included an auction of sustainably produced garments and accessories that raised funds for the Rainforest Foundation UK.

    In collaboration with the UKTI, Ecoluxe London also took part in the Green Closet during Milan Fashion Week. Ecoluxe London and its exhibitors attracted the attention of Italian press including Vogue.it.